I would just like to take a moment to show my appreciation for all that the donors and volunteers have done for us here at Generations.  This program is very unique because of those that support us .  Without volunteers, we wouldn’t have the opportunities we are given or the experiences that they provide for us.  Their care and concern help us with our feeling of being loved and cared for.  This gives us a feeling of security.  They accept us for who we are …  where we are… and don’t look at our past of where we have been or what we have done.  They do not judge us.  Without volunteers, Generations would not be the same.  In our separation from our family, it isn’t easy but all the support we feel from the volunteers makes up for the difference.    Also being separated from family, helps me value my family more and appreciate them in ways I never did before.  This also makes me value others outside my family, like volunteers.  In my case, my family lives far away and has to make childcare arrangements so it is hard form my mom to be able to come very often.  So volunteers really give me a feeling of being cared for and that I am somebody. 

I want to thank Ms. Renee and her volunteer group for arranging outings off campus like art projects and going out to eat.  It is nice to go out in the community and learn new skills and have the experience of trying different foods.  This isn’t something Ms. Renee HAS to do but something she CHOOSES to do and it is really a Blessing!

I’m grateful for everything that donors and volunteers do for us at Generations.  The entirety of Generation is going to have a lasting affect on my life and for this I am grateful!

Thank you!