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Generations is not your typical non-profit group home. We meet a need that is hard to talk about and sometimes ignored. We invite you to browse through our website and learn about the services we provide residents with a history of sexual behavior problems.


Generations’ mission is to prevent sexual abuse by helping neglected and/or at-risk adolescent and pre-adolescent boys overcome abusive behaviors.

Even though we have a group home setting, our goal is to give our boys a warm, home-like atmosphere which is highly structured and staff-secured, as well as a therapeutic environment that promotes and rewards positive change and treats every boy with care and respect. We also help our boys see that they can transform their lives and return to the community as positive, productive, and responsible citizens.

Generations Cares

First developed at Cornell University and based on six guiding principles, The Children and Residential Experiences (CARE) model is designed to “profoundly influence the way residential childcare professionals think about working with children.” These principles are developmentally focused, family involved, relationship based, competence centered, trauma informed, and ecologically oriented.

The CARE model has indeed profoundly influenced the way we serve our residents and build a foundation for changing lives. With an emphasis on utilizing relationships to build new competencies, we’ve helped our boys better eliminate unsafe behaviors. Surveys completed by our resident boys since the introduction of CARE clearly indicate that our boys feel safer and more respected by staff.



Generations’ Founder, Kathleen Reynolds, created Generations to help break the cycle of abuse and assist troubled boys. Her goal was to create a home-like setting offering specialized services for boys struggling with sexually abusive behaviors.

Created in 1991 and initially serving 12 troubled boys, the Horizons High Management program featured an increased staff-to-resident ratio and a positive peer based environment without fences, locks, or isolation rooms.

In 1998, the Bridges campus opened to serve 26 boys, all placed by the Department of Juvenile Justice. Today, Generations can provide help for up to 41 troubled boys.

To date, Generations has helped over 1000 troubled boys transform their lives. With a success rate of around 98%, we provide the unique environment these boys need for a true second chance.

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We invite you to tour the Generations campus and learn more about what we do and the boys we serve. For more information, please contact Pat Wilbanks.

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