By volunteer Rebecca Warner

Quite a lead in, isn’t it!  But the Generations Clothing Closet can be just that – a never ending need to appropriately clothe up to 76 teenage boys.  Let’s take for example a pair of jeans.  The color, type, and size combination is almost endless, so while the average age of a Generations boy is 14, there can be twelve 14 year olds wearing twelve different sizes of jeans! And that’s not even mentioning color and texture!!  I have to tell you, as the Volunteer Clothing Closet Coordinator, I get a panicky feeling every time I fill a clothing request – whether it is white undershirts, sleep pants, jeans or whatever . . .and see that stack dwindle.  I just hate it when we have a request for a clothing need and that shelf is bare.

While I hold such a gratitude for all the people who have been so generous in providing Generations with new and gently used clothing, the need is always there.  I kindly ask the next time you are ready to find a home for your gently used clothing, or you pass a clearance table full of appropriate items you know a teenager would appreciate . . .please think of us.  In fact, just email me with your name and number at, put in the subject line “Generations Donation” and I will work with you in getting your donation delivered!  Please know it will be sincerely appreciated!