Community Services

Generations Community Services takes our individualized treatment program into the community to serve adolescents in their homes and on an out-patient basis. This program offers an opportunity for early intervention in order to keep families together while putting an end to the cycle of sexual abuse.

Thanks to our highly trained, caring staff and our structured program, we are able to help them heal from their trauma and learn that their lives can have a positive outcome.

Community Connections

Our program gives each child the best possible chance to succeed by helping to identify and create a strong system of support within the community, and by securing resources and developing partnerships with other providers.

Family Reunification

By partnering with families and working with children in their homes, schools and communities, we help educate and strengthen families, creating opportunities for every child to be successful.

Treatment Services

The Community Services program teaches youth responsibility and accountability for their behaviors, addresses the youth’s clinical needs, and builds upon developmentally appropriate behaviors.



Children who have completed residential treatment and have returned to their homes are able to benefit from community-based aftercare services which build upon newly acquired strengths and skills and help to make the transition back into the community a successful one.