Group Homes

Located on our Horizons and Bridges campuses, our Group Homes programs offer both Intensive and Intermediate level services which focus on skill-building and behavior management while putting an end to the cycle of sexual abuse.

Childhood Experiences

Learning to play and be a child is a big part of the Group Homes program as many of our boys have not had an appropriate childhood. Through structured recreation, special events, holiday celebrations, and Boy Scout Troop #821, our boys can finally experience the joys of childhood.

Family Reunification

Family reunification also plays a large role in the Group Homes program. We recognize the importance of family in each child’s ability to be successful, and when appropriate, we encourage family members to help their child succeed.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual development plays a huge role in the redirection of our residents. As such, we encourage each boy to participate in voluntary community service.


Students are served by the Greenville County School District through a virtual learning environment in our Homebound School, receiving individual attention based on their academic needs.  Classroom sizes are small, and Special Education teachers are on site to assure that each child has the ability to be successful.