My name is Judy David. I have worked at Generations for 16 years. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Lander University. I have had several positions at Generations. I started out as a Residential Counselor on both group homes campuses. After six and a half years as a counselor, I was promoted to second shift supervisor on the Bridges Campus. In July of 2017 I became the Staff Development Coordinator. Recently, I was promoted to Staff Development Manager.  Currently, I guide employees through the orientation process. I also work with staff to help them continue to develop their skills as residential counselors. What I love about working at Generations is getting to see the changes in residents from the time they walk in the door to the time they successfully leave the program. I enjoy watching staff grow and change as they develop or improve their skills. I remember working with a resident who was learning to fold and put his clothes in his dresser drawers. We were almost finished, and he had done a great job. He asked me if he could skip folding his socks. I told him that was fine because he was a work in progress. From residents to staff, or kids to adults, we are all a work in progress. The hope is we continue to grow all our lives.